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TAM Ventures Partners With Forward Deployed Venture Capital In Their $20M Fund I Raise

Updated: May 12, 2023

TAM Ventures has partnered with Mark Scianna at Forward Deployed Venture Capital. As an operator, most of Mark's experience was at Palantir, where he was a founding member of their defense team, spending 11 years as a forward deployed engineer.

Mark was the team lead for “Palantir Forward” (the basis for an $800M Army contract), and “Palantir Mobile” (a product used by federal law enforcement). In support of Palantir customers, Mark had the privilege to deploy to Afghanistan, Iraq, Germany, Japan, and the Horn of Africa. Palantir not only developed life saving products, but also built an incredibly valuable business: revenue grew from zero into the billions, where the company IPO'd in 2020.

As a venture investor, Mark got his start in 2010 by participating in Palantir’s Series D round, becoming the only employee to purchase preferred shares. In 2014 he began attending and investing at Y Combinator Demo Days, the most successful and respected startup accelerator program in the world. In 2018 he completed YC's Startup Investor School.

Together with investors, FDVC supports engineers bringing technology to the front lines of our country's biggest challenges and opportunities:

  • National Security

  • Infrastructure

  • Energy Independence

  • Carbon Removal

  • Public Safety

  • Transportation

  • Personal Privacy, Security, Liberty

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